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I was bad. Very bad.

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This is why I don't let myself on AB.

Over the past few days, I won these two males from Interbettas, and have asked for two matching females.

I also have this pair coming to me from the wonderful Vinita of NiceBettas. Totally recommend as a seller. Communication was excellent, my questions were answered within 24-48 hours and an alternate pair was found when the ones I originally wanted were sold.

Also am in the middle of purchasing this HM pair and CT male (getting him a steel blue CT female) from Jodi-Lea of Fishchicks.

(None of these pictures are mine, they are from the sellers)

I think the next shipment is due in a couple weeks, then it is a week of quarantine here in Australia before they can be shipped out to me. I've decided to have these few pairs as my foundation stock and hopefully be able to get a dedicated fish room running downstairs.

If not, at least they will make nice trophy fish haha
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Wow the first male looks like Karen's HMPK's coloring! Amazing color to them. I love the female HMPK you have there as well.

Darn! Why do you have to be in AU?!
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