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Hello! This is my first betta and to be honest, I've never seen one quite like him before! I'm always curious about like typing/coloring of fish I keep, so would anyone know any info about my boy?
Petco had him labeled as a "halfmoon king male" but I did some more research and that doesn't really pull up a lot of info for me except from petco's own website? He looks reminiscent of a plakat to me, but his tail takes the shape of a halfmoon when he flares. He's about 2 inches long, maybe a cm or two longer from end to end, and he looked a good chunk bigger bodied than the other bettas in the store.

Also very curious about what type of coloring he is! The closest I could tell by looking at charts online is marbled but I'm very new to identification so I'm very unsure.


Sorry for the blurry photos! He is very active and doesn't stay still too often. Thank you very much to whoever answers!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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