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Hello everyone! I have finally returned, and Desmoda has been doing pretty well over the summer. He had been delegated to one pellet a day after all of his chronic bloating problems while I was away (my parents decided to take care of him after I talked to them about my plans for bringing him with me when I moved this summer for work), and he is skinny but has not had any bloating issues that I know of. Now that I have him back, I will be seeing how much and what kinds of food will be the golden recipe for my little veiltail.

I also was given some Java Moss for the tank - I hope it grows as fast as I have been told it will!

The question I had though was this: Earlier in the year, Desmoda had some fin rot, but has since grown back some of his tail and pelvic fins. What is strange, though, is that the new tail tissue has turned out to be crimped. I will be posting a suite of photos to try to display my point. What I also thought was interesting is that some of the new tissue is also the same purple iridescence that is on other portions of his body - I was honestly expecting new growth to be clear.

Do you think the crimped fins are an indication of poor water quality, or perhaps just a strange malformation as the new tissue has grown? His dorsal fin looks a bit too round on the very tip, which makes me a little concerned, but it has been like that for some time now, edging on months now, and has not significantly changed I think.

I would really appreciate any and all help, thank you!


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