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so here is what happened (short form) ex roommate bailed, screwed me over for bills, disconnected everything including internet, without me knowing of course... he put me out 550 so far. My newer roommate has decided to show that being 16 and on his own does not entitle him to have responsibility, or maturity and is kicking himself out.... My bf and i decided to move in together and so far pretty darn good.

Betta update: Shadow got the mystery disease and with kanaplex, and a close watch in his 3 gallon emergency tank, he is pulling through after a good few days of suffering. Sarah and Suzi did not make it, and the sorority ended up with some strange discoloration in their find similar to sarah's... the color of their fins intensified, so instead of being light blue it was a "glob" of dark blue! Kanaplex used again and healed them within a day. no more problems :)

the sorority tank has moved upstairs, and the 29 now holds 2 male guppies, 5 female guppies and the 4 female bettas. I added more plants and such, and so far there is no problem... if there is a problem some plants and the guppies shall move in with Jekyll who could care less what happens...

Guinea pig update: so my "please help" add got me more of "poor things, here is what could be wrong" or "you are irresponsible and a stupid person i am disgusted!" remarks. Well to the rude people, the 1.3 pound emaciated 2.5 year old ginger and white guinea pig now weighs 2.2 pounds, was fed proper food, and became healthier and more active under my care.... She also found a home with my friend who is getting her to a vet next Tuesday. Panda is staying with me and Honey, and everything is fine!
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