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I'm back from hiatus

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Sup guys, I been gone for a few months and a lot as change since then. My sorority failed, change few plants and my lighting system. I guess the hobby is all about learning from your mistakes, but anyway heres a few pictures of my betta called BabyFace and my 3 tanks.


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Welcome back to the forum! I'm very sorry to hear that your sorority failing. Babyface is adorable and your tanks look great!
Yeah I was very sad at the time, but babyface was the only one that survived.
I too know the pain of planning a wonderful sorority, only to have the strongest bully the rest into a difficult situation. In my case, Belinda was so strong that she is now one of the toughest fish in my semi aggressive 55 gallon community tank. you have an excellent plant setup, and a pretty fish too.
Wow, lol semi aggressive tank. Thank you my betta was baby when I got her from petco almost a year ago. Only problem with her is I can't put small shrimps in the tank. Only shrimp she doesn't bother is Amano shrimps and I can't remove her because that fish got me back into the hobby. I made that tank with plants and many more coming for her, as thank you for geting me back into tanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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