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I'm just kind of confused...

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Voldemort is almost done with day 3 at my house. I just got him/her some frozen bloodworms today. At first he just slurped 3 down like spaghetti. I changed his water (100%), and I'm trying to feed him about 4-6 hours later. I just tried to warm up the bloodworms the best I could, but he isn't eating them, so they just sink to the bottom of his tank. I feel bad for disturbing his water so often to keep getting the bloodworms out, especially after doing his first water change. How do I get the bloodworms out without disturbing him so much?

I'd also appreciate any feeding tips for fry. I keep finding tips for adult betta, and I'm not sure if it's the same or different for fry. Thanks so much in advance!
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The easiest way to spot-clean an aquarium is with a turkey baster. Sometimes pet stores will sell them at a elevated price, but you can find one at the grocery store for much cheaper.
Make sure that bloodworms aren't his primary diet. :) They are like chocolate for us - they want it all the time, but it isn't what they need. :p
I don't mind disturbing my babies, the human interaction is good for taming them. I have a half gallon and just cup the kids and siphon everything out when I do water changes. My tanks are planted so the water quality doesn't go down too quickly too soon. And I feed them on a mix of pelleted and flake foods. I crush everything into tiny pieces. I gave my last box of frozen bloodworms away when my female refused to eat tgem, but I think I'll get some new ones for the male
Thanks guys :) I'll have to get a turkey baster soon (won't be able to until tomorrow, but that isn't too long anyway). I'll keep trying the flakes I have. He doesn't seem to like them, but he'll have to stick through until tomorrow :)
If he doesn't like flakes, try getting pellets instead. Caesar didn't care for flakes, and if I remember correctly, pellets are actually a better diet for them.
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