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Most of us have got fish because we felt sorry for them. They are more work than most people think that is for sure.

I'm can't speak for whats wrong with the fish with out seeing them but I can tell you what is the best thing for them to help the recover.

Do daily water changes. There are many ways to do this but you should be changing 50-75% of the water every day in that size bowl. The water you are adding should be treated to remove the chlorine and close to the same temperature as the bowls. This will keep from shocking the fish as much. Keeping the water clean will help them heal and allow their bodies to fight off whats going on.

A good idea would be check your local pet stores to see if they have a sale on tanks. Lots of times you can get 10 gallon tanks for $10. Or you could check Craigslist I have gotten some nice deals there also. In the long run you will want to get their tanks heated and filters it will help keep them healthy and it will be easier to maintain so you could do weekly water changes not daily.. But bettas have been keep just fine in the bowls they just require more work on your part.

Again there is a lot more detail we could go into but the basics is give them clean water to keep them healthy and it will help them recover faster.
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