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Import Breeding pair from Thailand

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Hi all, can anyone recommend good breeders in Thailand? I would love to import some breeding pairs. I live in Australia and the more colourful Betta's aren't readibly available. Thanks
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Have you checked out Fishchick Aquatics? She regularly imports from overseas breeders and has both a website listing available fish and a FB page where she does frequent auctions. You often see marbles and similar colours available, as well as different tail types.

I'm not sure if you are aware but there was legislation passed not long ago that affected the import of bettas. I'm not sure if all overseas breeders are able to send fish to Australia still, or if farms have to be approved for their fish to be accepted into the country and not destroyed for disease testing.
Thanks so much, I actually have bought from Jodi and she will import for me, just need to know some good breeders now!!
That's good to hear. I wasn't sure how much you knew about the importing process, as I've seen hobbyists thinking they can just import any fish from anywhere, and not realise the limitations and expense of importing fish into Australia.

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've imported bettas from overseas so can't help with breeders, but hopefully other members can.
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