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Interesting product - aquarium remote alert system

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Take a look: 7390 28970&pcatid=28970

I can't say that this would be warranted for a single betta tank since the risk of disaster is fairly low in a small/lightly stocked tank. However, for community tanks full of expensive fish or if you are prone to changing water conditions or power outages this might be worth it. It will send you a text if your tank goes wonky!
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That would be great for when I have spring/fall week long breaks at college, not receiving a text would be comforting. Too bad I can't afford it after buying more fish stuff =p
Wow. This thing is wonderful, if it works as advertised. I wonder how accurate it is? Not having to bother with those liquid test kits would be amazing. Imagine being able to keep such a close eye on a tank while it's cycling!

I have a good long timeline before the 75 gallon is ready to fill. Maybe there will be some reviews by then.

Admittedly, I find shaking a test tube and shouting "FOR SCIENCE!" to be amusing, but not that fun, at the end of the day.
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It doesn't monitor nitrites or nitrates, so it wouldn't work well for cycling. It might be nice for an expensive, mature tank.
I missed that part. What a shame. The cost would be worth it if it monitored nitrites & nitrates. Without...? Never gone on vacation for a long enough period of time to worry.
Don't forget you'll also have to factor in the disposable component of the system. The slides are $10 per (or 3 for $28) and each lasts for about a month.
The Seachem ammonia alert tag only costs ~$7 and lasts indefinitely. Of course it won't send you an email if your ammonia rises.

I like manually testing my parameters. Makes me feel like a fish-keeper.
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