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I just ordered a betta through Aquabid last night. It's coming from Thailand via a transhipper. I have never bought anything under this process. Can someone please walk me through the steps and what I should expect?

The main thing I need to know now is when do I contact the transhipper? I've contacted the seller and sent him my payment to him. I'm aware that I have to pay shipping and handling charges to the transhipper so he can send the betta to me. Seller has assured me he has a transhipper in Canada but hasn't given me contact info yet.

About how long roughly does it take for a betta to be shipped from Thailand to North America?

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My post didnt show up? Huh.

Ok so first, bettas are packed by the hundreds in huge boxes along with flowerhorn and livebearers. They are shipped overnight to an international airport where they are checked by customs and then given to the transhipper who has an import license.

Bettas are sorted and packed into individual customer boxes and sent out.

General fees are as follows (for USA at least):

$5 per betta shipping from Thailand
$0.60 import fee to transhipper
$5 box fee to transhipper
$2 heat pack fee to transhipper
$20 at least for shipping to transhipper

I pick up fish from US transhipper Linda Olson so Im familiar with the tranship process.
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