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After loosing my boy, Furdinand, I couldn’t stand looking at an empty tank.

Due to some health challenges, I don’t usually drive in any kind of “weather”. But I saw this sweet boy a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking of him.

I called the store and when they told me he was still there I just had to go out in the snow to get him.

Meet Flurry.

This is right after I got him home and into a quarantine tank for observation.
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Here he is just a few days later and starting to show some color. He’still in the quarantine tank until I’m comfortable putting him in Furdy’s old tank.
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Fish Razor Wood Brush Tail

He’s a “king” like Furdy was, but he’s not nearly as heavily built as Furdy.

I knew that Furdy wasn’t likely to make it, and I’ll admit I had taken pictures of a handful of bettas that caught my eye when I was at the pet store looking for aqua scape options for the shrimp tank I’m building.

Of those fish, Flurry was the only one still there over a week later. I guess he wasn’t flashy enough to get noticed.

The bubble nest he started building the night he got here.
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Here’s hoping the bad luck I’ve had with ***Co bettas breaks with this little dude.

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Welcome Flurry!

I‘m so sorry for you loosing Furdinand.

And the more glad, you found Flurry😍!
A big boy and obviously settling in without effort!

I like these subtle iridescent highlights on him and who knows, what to await🤗!

I would call him a Cello Beauty right away!
All the best for you 2!
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