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introduction/check up

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hi everyone! my brother bought a glofish betta from petsmart (awful, i know) for my niece. his name is cow. i’ve been taking care of him, and recently implemented new things i’ve found from research to ensure he’s happy and healthy. my knowledge however, is limited, and i was hoping someone a little more aware than me could let me know if he looks okay?
environment: 3.5 gallon filtered tank, heater (set to 77f), artificial plants, new live plant. i condition and clean everything as instructed.

he has a very healthy appetite, swims often, never tries to “escape” and only swims to the top of the water when he knows i’m about to feed him.

i’m just not sure about his color and fins. i don’t know what a healthy glofish betta is supposed to look like.
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Welcome could you post a picture of your boy for the check up thanks
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