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Is it normal for a female to almost always have breeding stripes?

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One of my females, turquoise in colour, almost always has breeding stripes. At least, during the small percentage of the day I spend checking on them. Sometimes they're really really obvious; the dark part of her head can get this clean white stripe. And they are the vertical ones, not the horizontal stress ones. There's no male in sight for her and she shows them even if she hasn't seen another female that day yet. Just wondering if this is usual~~
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Is she in a sorority? They aren't always breeding stripes but letting the other fish know they are boss, a way of communicating. So if she's alpha in a sorority she will show them or if she thinks she's seeing another female in the reflection, she could try to submit the other fish :) so yes, it can be normal and its alright.
No, she's by herself. I'm guessing it's a reflection she's seeing then~~ Cool, thanks!
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