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Is it Okay if he Doesn't Flare?

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So I've had Cancer for probably two months now, and he seems to be doing well! He's such a derp, he for some reason tilts to the side just barely enough to make him look like he's asking a question. If someone is in my room he'll swim up to that corner and to his little waggle, super full of pep and everything a fish should be.

Except he doesn't flare at all. My finger is boring, the closest I can get is with a mirror; he'll stare at it and his fins will get bigger, but the only difference with his gills is that he breathes a bit heavier. He'll stare at the mirror for a second or two then swim away. He'll stare at himself again if I move the mirror to follow him, but he just doesn't seem interested.

He also hasn't made a bubble nest, so I'm wondering if he's unhappy? When I first got him(when he was still in his little cup of shame) he flared like there was no tomorrow, so I don't think it's just him being a docile fish. I was actually scared of how aggressive he was to that poor little mirror haha

There's a small section of his tail that went clear, I was worried he was biting but I can't see any other evidence of that, so hopefully he's not too bored.

Do you think he's just unhappy and that's why he won't flare?
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Not flaring and not building bubblenests is completely ok. Unless the fish is lethargic or otherwise ill, I wouldn't be concerned.
Mine didn't flare when i first got and then i noticed that he was sick and had fin melt. He flares now but he is still sick.
My male doesn't flare either. In fact, when he sees his reflection he either runs and hides or plays dead. He does build bubble nests, but only in the winter just before a big snow storm.
My delta didn't flare when I first brought him home but he did build a bubble nest. Funny thing is my female flares more than he does.

You probably have a betta who isn't really aggressive... which isn't a bad thing.
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