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is kristie a PK CT?

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well some of you guys know my girls lacey and kristie :) both CT girlies, but kristie's bottom fin is quite different :| it is more straight and less webbings than lacey's :-? and i searched that plakat females have more straight like bottom fin and of course smaller fins, also all of kristie's webbings are smaller than lacey's :shock: and kristie is a bit bigger than lacey :lol: could kristie be a PKCT?
photos: kristie left, lacey right:)

and here is a photo to show there fins are different, although they where bought at the same store and time:

can't really tell by there bottom fin because of movement but there top fin is different ^^
here is a pic of lacey:

and here is a pic of kristie:

is she a plakat or not? :lol:
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She is most likely a normal CT. CTPK's are not very common. Just like any betta a CT female fins can be different lengths and shapes.
true :) also how do you get a CTPK? you spawn CTxPK of course but isn't there supposed to be a specific gender for the CT or PK?
but i know CTPK are not common (never find them in stores) thanks pitgurl
The gender doesn't matter. It takes 3-4 generations to get a ctpk with good ray reduction which is why you don't see many, lots of time and work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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