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Hey! So I'm kind of new to fishkeeping, and have been raising this little male veiltail betta named Arlo for a while. I got him from a chain pet store, and when I brought him home he was a turquoise color with a dark colored head and pinkish fins (I only have this one picture of him at this stage, sorry!).

It's been nearly 7 months now, and last week I noticed that the top of his head and his body was turning red/paler. I kind of freaked out a bit cause I thought he was sick, before I realized that his behavior remained exactly the same. The color continued to spread across his body, and now he is a completely different color that I don't even know how to describe. It's like a combination of pink, purple, turquoise, and pearly white that changes under the light. Each scale seems to be rimmed with a red/pink color that you can kind of see in the picture.

I did some research and thought that it might be marbling, but I'm not exactly sure, so I wanted to see if anyone with more experience would know? And what color would I use to describe it?

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