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Is my tank stocking ok?

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I was wondering if im over stocked, just right, or still have room.
My tank is a 40 gallon
my filter is aquaclear 50

Tank inhabitance:
10 female bettas
4 long fined zebra danios
1 (possibly 3, the other 2 might be hiding) oto cats
5 black phantom tetras
and I do plan on getting at least 1 nerite for that tank to help with algea

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bettas might have problems getting along and long finned danios sometimes get nipped and might experience fin rot the thumb rule is 1inch per gallon

good luck
My bettas are in a sorority and have lived together with the danios for I think 6-7 months now and ive had no problums fingers crossed :)
Hate to disagree with TheAnimaLover on one point: The rule of 1" per gallon is pretty much outdated with the advent of better filtration and the increase in our knowledge of bioloads, etc.

Try this: It tends to be conservative and I don't always agree but it's a good starting point.

Here's what AA showed when I put in 40 Breeder since I didn't know which 40 you had .... who would think there's be so many choices? :) AA does advise your filtration is "satisfactory" and you need at least five Danio. Otos need to be in groups of at least six. If it were me, I would add another filter but I'm the Queen of Overfiltration. LOL

AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor
I thought it was the corry cats that needed to be in a schooling group?
Ill try to remember to grab another danio next time I go to petco.
I think my tank is a breeder. I got it from the $1 gallon sale, I think it was a tetra brand.

As for the 1 inch per gallon I know that's not a best rule to follow. For my girls at least for a minimum, my amount for them is two gallons at least per fish so that leaves me with 20 gallons used up and 20 to be filled. The remaining 20 would have the danios, tetras and oto's.
If that made any sense lol
for some reason I cant see either link. It just directs me to google.
Any shoaling fish need to be in groups of at least six to feel secure and Otos and Danios are shoaling. I couldn't address the other questions as I have no experience with sororities or their behavior with fish such as the Longfin Zebra Danios. Am glad your experience has been a good one.
for some reason I cant see either link. It just directs me to google.
Well, shoot. They worked for me. Go figure the Internet. :roll:
For some reason I always read that oto cats didn't necessarily need others of its kind to be with.
Ill deffenetly get another danio for the tank.

Im glad two, I actually think theyre reallitvly calm is that there in a larger group. When I just had six, 3 of them used to pick on one of my girls all the time. But when I added two more that spread out the aggression and adding two more has seemed to do well for them.
Luckily with most other/new fish in the tank a few might go investigate them but that's about it. Thanks goodness I ended up with girls that weren't to aggressive.

I wonder why it didn't work. Gota love the internet lol
Have you been to this site? Rachel's my go-to person. Always helpful and tells you when something won't work for your tank instead of saying, "Yeah, no problem" to make a sale. Whether you buy from her or not, the site is an invaluable source of infomation, IMHO.

Otocinclus | Invertebrates by Msjinkzd
Thanks for the link
Ill have to get some more otos then :)
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