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Asking your help / opinion... Female Koi Betta. Had her a few months. Aunt Bea. She's not aggressive, and her "normal" is swimming to the right of the tank, then to the left of the tank, then to the right of the tank, then... all day long...

I lost a female who got to her shape -- kind of "pine-cone"... but that one was depressed, wouldn't eat, sat at the top to gulp air, and her scales kind of stuck out. My guess was dropsy. separate med tank didn't cure her. :crying:

Aunt Bea has smooth scales. She is active and relatively happy. Our Blue Bully sometimes nips at her, but her fins look good, and she doesn't act scared or hide. I admit, I probably feed these girls way too much... Someone suggested she's "eggy." I have 3 different males. I've introduced her to each of them, about 2 weeks apart -- it's always turned out the same, she goes nuts and runs away and runs into the plants and glass -- and I just can't bear to see her freak out, so I've removed her each time. Reading that she could be constipated, twice I've done the technique of fasting the tank for a day, then feeding them JUST squished-up frozen peas (and they all gobble it down like a treat!), but this hasn't resulted in Aunt Bea pooping it all out and getting her skinny.

Is she "eggy?" Y'all think she's sick? Or just FAT?? I have had my Sorority tank set up for about 4 months, my first time with Female bettas. If/when they get "eggy" and they don't have a boyfriend to spawn with, do they drop the eggs? everyone just eats them? Thanks for your opinions / help / advice!


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