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Hi there fellow Betta lovers,

I've had my betta for about a month (first betta i've owned, have had a guppie/ dwarf rasbora tank for about 3 months. Don't worry they're spate tanks!) , I noticed when I looked at him from above on the second week that his swim bladder was noticeable/swollen. I think I fed him too many betta pellets (Betta Bio-gold) so I fasted him for 2 days, fed him a pea and then started feeding him frozen Aquatopia tropical fish food mix (which has blood worms, krill, and a bunch of other fresh ingredients) I give him about 3 bloodworm sized pieces a day.
A week later he still looked the same... So I gave him a 15min bath in Epsom salts on Thursday. He still looks the same.. And now, I noticed yesterday two of his scales are loose. I'll attach pics.
Other than his appearance (swollen swim bladder, scales loose) he is perfectly fine. He is active, engaged, has made bubbles all over the water surface and has a good appetite.
Is he sick? Have I done something wrong? I just really don't want any harm to come to him :-(

How many gallons is your tank? 10L (2.5g)
Does it have a filter? yes
Does it have a heater? yes
What temperature is your tank? 25C
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? No
Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind? No

What food brand do you use? Mostly frozen Aquatopia tropical fish food mix, Betta Bio gold very occasionally, small bit of blanched pea a few times

How often do you feed your Betta? How much? once a day, 3 blood worm sized pieces of frozen food or 2-3 pre-soaked (tank water) betta pellets. Fast on Sunday & Wednesday.

Before your Betta became ill how often did you perform water changes? twice weekly, now that its stabilised once weekly unless water parameters off
What percentage of water did you change? 40%
What additives do you use? water conditioner (API stress coat +) and Atisons betta spa (have recently taken out the carbon from the filter too)

Water Parameters: taken yesterday

Hardness (GH):?
Alkalinity (KH):?


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He isn't pine-coned in appearance, the white spots are the loose scales, they look like they're about to fall off. Although there are no sharp edges for him to have scraped on. Its difficult to get close ups sorry.
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