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I've noticed a lot of abbreviations used like IAL and BBW and SSP and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :p and it would be nice if there was a glossary to refer to, since I have no idea what half of these things are as a total newb.


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hmm...great idea! I dont think Ive ever seen one on here before.... I understand how frustrating it can be to not understand half of whats on the forum, but youll learn lol.

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Hi Strawberry - I am also new but found old threads with some abbreviations listed so I have combined them here for BOTH of us... ;-)

DeT = Delta tail
DT = Double tail
VT = Veiltail
HM = Halfmoon
CT = Crowntail
PK = Plakat (sometimes different plakats are also abbreviated, such as HMPK for halfmoon plakat)
EE is elephant ear
HMDTPK = half moon double tail plakat
OHM = Over halfmoon

MG is mustard gas,
DR is double ray,

IAL = Indian almond leaves
SBD = Swim bladder disorder

OO = Omega One (brand of pellets)
NLS = New Life Spectrum (brand of pellets)
LFS = Local fish store
LPS = Local pet store

MTS =Multi tank syndrome or Malaysian trumpet snail or Mineralized top soil
NPK = Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Important for live plants
WPG = Watts per gallon
NPT = Natural planted tank
g or gal = Gallon
PPM = Parts per million

Co2= carbon dioxide
hob= hang on back
QT = quarantine tank
AS = aquarium salt
PP = Potassium Permanganate
ES = Epsom Salt

Imo= in my opinion
Ime= in my experience

haven't found BBW :-?

Any others we should know?


*** I edited the DeT = delta and DT = double tail
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