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Is this a good set up for Royale? (Plus another Question)

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Royale is my newest VT Royal dark blue color. He is much smaller then my other VT Nemo. Anyway I have him in a 5 g with real and fake plants, a hermie hut that is safe for fish, an Aqueon Quietflow 10 low flow filter, about 3 in of gravel, and a betta hammock. I feed him betta pellets that I crush up so that his tiny mouth can fit the food inside. I am out of food for him and will be going to walmart tomorrow afternoon. I was wandering if I could feed him tropical fish food along with freeze dried blood worms, since walmart does not have betta food other than freeze dried blood worms? Also my mom hates to go to petco because we go all the time since that's my favorite local pet store. So going to petco is out of the question, as much as I would LOVE too.
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That is a great setup given that you are doing proper water changes. I live in Texas too! I know of a couple of breeders in texas so if you are ev looking for a high quality Betta I'll give you a couple couple of recommendations

Yes. You can temporally feed the freeze dried blood works as long as you soak them first. Cant you just use nemos food for now though?
Yes and that's what I am doing right now. Plus I don't think I need a heater because Royales water stays between 77 and 78 degrees f. So can I feed him tropical fish food?
The flakes? Tetra brand? Then yes, they have nutritional components and will be okay for a short period of time
Ok. I'll go ahead and buy both the freeze dried blood worms and the tropical fish food. This should last until my next run to petco.
Okay. How long will that be? I wouldn't use both products for more than a week
That's the thing. I don't know how long it will be before my next run. Since my mom hates petco so much, I rarely get to go unfortunently. Course I was just on the walmart website looking at what they have online. So if walmart does have betta pellets I'll get those. I'll probably still get the blood worms too as a treat for both bettas.
Sounds like a great setup :) How often do you change the water and how much per change? Is the tank cycled? This is a rather important detail that often gets overlooked, so I figured I'd mention it.
Yes it is cycled. I change about 50% of the water once a week.
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