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Just reaching out for some more info on Black Beard Algae and what to be looking for. Recently moved a Betta out of my 7 gallon planted tank. And left one of my Amazon sword tail plants in the tank. Ive simply kept the tank running. And since no fish are in and I left my plant in. I was leaving the light on almost 24/7 (the light is purple/pink hued and ive heard plants under that light need more of it because it isnt as effective) Noticed some algae on the glass when I went to turn it off for a bit. And some black patching on my Amazon sword tail. Ive had this happen before and assumed last time it was Black Beard Algae as well- however upon always looking at photos it isnt the exact same by appearence. However I can never find anything but BBA when looking into potentially what else it is.

Is this Black Beard Algae? if not what is it? Any extra info that can be given on it and why it starts in the first place specificaly?

More importantly ive also heard mixed things about BBA actually seriously affecting fish and causing potential diseases. Some people have sworn by this where as others have said its nothing to worry about. Is it dangerous? Should I strip and clean the tank completely before adding a betta to the tank again? Is my filter colony ruined? The tanks due for a water change and I was simply gonna clean it up, rub out the algae on the glass. Maybe cut off the infected leaf. And call it safe and good? Ive now put that on hold to figure out if it goes farther than that and if this is more dangerous- especially for Betta fish. Than I am aware

Thanks everyone!


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