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Is this boating?

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Say hello to Jewels! She's my daughters pretty girl but i take care of her... So technically i guess she's mine lol

She had a Hardy appetite and is the most spunky fish i've ever seen! She swims for hours!I live her to death. She reminds me of a puppy dog in water. Lol

Anyway, ever since i got her she's had this belly. I never thought anything of it until the last couple days. She has NO trouble swimming and she DOESN'T float to the surface unwillingly. She gets two pellets in the morning and a bloodworm every couple days after tank changes. We live in a hot part of California so she doesn't have a heater. As of right now she is housed in a .5 gallon container but i have a 3 gallon on the way for her.

Does she look bloated?
Would it hurt to give her pea?

Any help is appreciated.

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That is a girly belly! You can tell the difference because her lady tum swells down low instead of out to the sides- this is her egg sack which is filling itself up.
Over time you will see a little white spot appear below it which is her egg spot and a sign she is ready to lay, She will either lay them (and likely eat them) or her body will reabsorb them when her cycle goes back to normal.

Keep an eye on her belly if you are truly worried, if she goes off her food or becomes lethargic she may be egg bound (epsom salts is a good way to help her lay if this is the case) but other than that it is just a regular part of being a lady betta.
Ooh my gosh! I totally didn't think about that! I mean i thought about it when we got her and one day her belly seemed a tiny bit smaller but not too much. Also around that time one of our males started building a bubble nest. Lol They can keep hoping though cause i'm soooo not ready to breed them nor do i have the setup.

that i think about it both females have an egg spot and are super active. Boy do i feel silly!

Thank you so much for the help!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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