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Is this coloring normal?

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I think the grayish color around his face and chin area is just Pasco's coloring but I'd just like to make sure because it's a bit out of place on his blood-red coloring.

Is this normal or is something wrong?


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My boy has some gray on his chin too its normal
It's normal but the paled color means he's stressed, it should color back to red or almost red when he's feeling better.
Yup it's normal but i agree with lilnaugrim, it's a little too pale.
Something is wrong, as lilnaugrim and Littlefin said, my boy use to go light when his temp was too low and I'd turn it up and within the hour his colour was back to pretty much very dark brown/black.
I read that bettas do change colour under their "chin" when something is wrong :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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