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Hey guys. I've recently had a terrible experience with giving my Betta, Finley, a temperature shock. I feel horrible, and I want to do everything in my power to help him get better.

Day 1 - I made the mistake of taking him out during a water change in my 5 gallon. My intention was to clean the sand. (my snail pooped like crazy and it was a MESS) I put him back, and noticed that he was in trouble. I took him out and put him in a 1 gallon hospital tank. He was in terrible condition. Gasping, laying sideways at the bottom of his tank, and losing color under his belly/gills area. I lowered water so he could breathe.
- Aq. Salt, Furan-2, two 50% water changes this day.

Day 2 he would start swimming every now and then, but he was still primarily inactive.
- Aq. Salt bath, Furan-2, two 50% water changes this day.

Day 3 - He has regained the strength to become active again. (still not as much) He wouldn't eat the first few days. His discoloration was basically a grayish patch under his belly portion. During these first few days it has gotten smaller, but there is still a very defined area under his belly, mainly on his left side.
- Aq. Salt bath, Furan-2, and two 50% water changes this day.

Day 3 - I noticed that his fins were rotting. I stopped the salt baths, since somebody advised that the aq. salt baths could be the reason he is inactive.
- No medicine, two 50% water changes this day.

Day 4 - I fed him two small bloodworms and a pellet. I was glad to see him eating again. But now that I think about it, I should have waited.
- No medicine, just two 50% water changes this day.

Day 5 - Still active but pretty bloated. I got him some Jungle Lifeguard tabs. So I cut the tablet to dose his properly. It's helping his fin rot.
- Jungle Lifeguard

Day 6 (today) - He still hasn't pooped anything. I noticed that his belly was bulging... a few minutes ago, he started spitting stuff out. As if he was coughing or throwing up. He's done this three times today. I assumed it was some of the food from earlier. It scared me. I hope he can still poop and everything... But what should I do? Should I wait some more until he poops? I can get some daphnia if it's crucial.
- Jungle Lifeguard, blanched pea.

***The pics don't really show the bloating, because I took them to show the discoloration


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Thank you! He usually flares up like CRAZY at the black suction cup that holds the thermometer, so I put that in his tank. Let's just say that he was the size of my fist! Lol.

I have given him a bit of daphnia. He gobbled it up! I'm praying that this will help him.

He's not pooping yet, though.

I'm afraid that it's fungal, since his fins get these rapidly growing cotton-y balls.
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