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I posted a day ago about my betta fish Eric not being able to swim and being lethargic. Here's a link to all of that information:

I thought it was swim bladder, and have been trying to get him to be better.

I have put him in an epsom salt water bath in a smaller container that is floating in his large container. I am going to do daily water changes (The first one was last night), and his tank temperature is 78 degrees.

Today, I was researching some more and stumbled upon "dropsy". When I looked at Eric from above, he does look like there is a little pineconing, but nothing I would have noticed had I not read about dropsy.

Am I paranoid and seeing things, or is this pineconing and therefore dropsy?

I am trying my hardest to keep this guy alive. But if it is dropsy, Id rather put him out of his misery...What can I do?

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