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Is this fin blow-out?

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Today I noticed these little pin holes in Chips's tail, but no tatters or tears like finrot.
He has recently discovered himself in the shiny black wall of his tank and has been being a Betta. I thought he was showing himself up too much so I stuck a piece of paper back there and ruined his fun. But, the paper fell out the other day and he was back flaring at himself. When I noticed the pin holes, I immediately tested his water and it's 0 everything, and I just did a 30% change last Friday, as I do every week (he's in a 6 gallon.)
So, do you all think this is a blow-out? I have some IAL I can put in his tank if it will help him heal.
Thanks in advance.
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pictures would help, but generally, if it's pin-holes and not rips, it's fin rot. x: i had a male who'd blow out his fins(he'd flare at EVERYTHING. i swear, he flared at SOUNDS!), but his were from somewhere in the middle of the fin to the edge, clean across.
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