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Is this fin blow-out?

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Today I noticed these little pin holes in Chips's tail, but no tatters or tears like finrot.
He has recently discovered himself in the shiny black wall of his tank and has been being a Betta. I thought he was showing himself up too much so I stuck a piece of paper back there and ruined his fun. But, the paper fell out the other day and he was back flaring at himself. When I noticed the pin holes, I immediately tested his water and it's 0 everything, and I just did a 30% change last Friday, as I do every week (he's in a 6 gallon.)
So, do you all think this is a blow-out? I have some IAL I can put in his tank if it will help him heal.
Thanks in advance.
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There's really no way to get a picture of it. Even with my HD camera, he has to be in the right place to see the light shining through the holes,and I doubt the camera can pick them up. I can try later. It took my husband forever to see them. I just don't know how he'd have fin rot. His water is always pristine. :|

I had read this which stated pin holes are a common type of blow-out:

So now I'm confused.

I may have the filter up too high. He likes playing in it. I'm going to turn it back down and add an almond leaf.
I turned down his filter and now he's mad. He keeps sitting in front of the outtake and looking at it. He loves getting in the outtake and getting washed across the tank. He's so weird, but I gotta love him when he sticks his little head out of the water to glare at me with his googlie eyes.
Geez, there was like 1/2 an inch of the shiny back showing because I couldn't push the paper any farther. I figured it was enough, but he was flaring at it this morning. I got another piece and covered it completely. Silly fish!
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