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Is this fin rot or marbling?

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When I got Tarnish he already had the ripped fin but after a few days he began to get little red marks on his fins which I thought was fit rot. I treated him with the blue liquid water drops that are antibacterial and recently put a pinch of aquarium salt into his water. I've been doing water changes and everything but after moving him back into clean clear water from the blue, I noticed the red hadn't gone away at all. Could this just be marbling? He hasn't been eating though.... he just floats up and stares at the food. I've tried pellets and 3 different types of treats. He ate a tiny single bloodworm yesterday but other than that nothing for the past week+

He also hasn't flared for a week+ either.

Concerned. Help?

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The red marks on his fins are due to his coloring... he's going to change on you!
He doesn't seems to have fin rot, watch for black edges on his fins... that would be fin rot.
IDK what to tell you about his eating, my fish never turn up their noses on food.
Stop the meds, give him some clean water and keep him warm. Offer him just the pellets, if you're feeding freeze dried bloodworms don't use them again until he's eating regularly and only as a treat. They are not good for bettas.
Great username, btw.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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