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I have had this guy for about 3 years and am at the end of my rope. As you can see from the photos he has this series of white scales that are spreading into the fins and I cannot fix it.

His normal tank is a heavily planted 14gallon cube with a snowball pleco (hides) shrimp, and snails as tank mates. Parems generally hang around 0ppm Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrites and I supplement with fertilizers. I use RO/DI water with Seachem Equilibrium and maintain tank temp of about 80 deg.

Current setup:
I have moved him to a tupperware with sponge filter hospital tank and test daily for amm, nitrate, nitrite and generally do daily water changes. Ammonia has not hit above 0.25ppm (or even close to it as far as I can tell). tank temp 78-79. pH 7.0/1

Current treatment:
Kanaplex, doing dose 2 today as instructed by the package as I suspect this is columnaris.

Prior treatments: Paraguard , Kanaplex, Aq salt (this seemed to result in bloating so it is discontinued)

Please help!! This guy started this white scale thing after a round of what I see was extreme stress. My apartment flooded and the floors had to be replaced causing a lot of noise, vibrations, dust. I covered the tank with saran wrap (it's rimless) but for the most part I couldn't do much. After this situation, my previously friendly guy would run and hide at the sight of anyone approaching his tank. He has since returned to his inquisitive "is it food" self but I am worried this is what started it. At the same time I noticed plant die-off (likely from being unable to trim it back and keep up with my strict fert schedule as I couldn't easily get to the tank) but amm, nitrate, pH, nitrites never changed. The shrimp and pleco remained entirely unaffected.

I am wondering if anyone knows what the hell this is. Maybe I should be treating for a severe fungal infection. Maybe it's a weird version of graphite. But I just want to do my best to help this guy. He has been fighting this for 6mo despite my best efforts. I am at a total loss.

Current and older photos attached.

NB: The red coloration on his head was there from the day I got him - it is not wounds.
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