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Is this normal behavior for my betta?

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Hey! So I got my betta about a week ago now, I'm new to keeping fish so I'm probably worrying over nothing, but I like to be sure.

My betta, King Jeeves, tends to mostly hand around the front of his tank and sometimes push a little against the glass and stuff. This is new over the past couple of days, in the past he only came and hung around the front when I was getting ready to feed him.
He also seems to like the thermometer a lot?

I mean it might be because he's gotten used to me and, as a uni student, I'm mostly at my desk when I'm in my room and he's also on my desk, the front being right next to where I sit.
Or maybe he might be bored with his tank? I know they get bored sometimes and it's good to rearrange the tank, which I haven't done because in his tank (15 liters, approx 4 gallons I think?) is too small for the ornaments I have to sit anywhere else and look good. I had a couple of plants that I lent a friend for her betta until she gets some herself next week...

Am I over thinking this? Is hanging around the front of the tank perfectly normal??
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Is he lethargic? Or gasping at all? Do his fins seem relaxed or stuck together?

Mine love to be at the front... Because they can see me, and then they know they get food :)

The thermometer - does he sleep squished between the glass and it? Or sleep ontop? Some of mine did that. Usually the lazier ones, or ones with bigger finnage.

As for the "glass surfing" mine do that when they know food is coming, when they see me, when they see each other, or just because.
Haha sounds like an interesting fish! I would say he is fine :) I have had Bettas "beach" themselves on a partially submerged leaf of a silk plant... Then they would slide back into the water when they were done snoozing.
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