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Is This Normal?

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Hi all,

I moved my betta into his brand new 10 gallon tank just under a week ago, and since then he has been acting rather quiet. I purchased him a floating log a few days ago, and he spends most of the time in the log. The only time I see him out is when I'm feeding him or he will pop out now and again to have a swim around and then return to the log.

Could this be due to the size increase of his tank and he's still getting used to it? He was in a 5 gallon tank before, and I wanted him to have a little more room to himself.

I can't see any signs of illness or disease on him.
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Yeah, they love the little logs... My guy is never NOT in his.
He is probably still adjusting, give him some time and he should be back to his normal self soon.
Ok! Thanks very much you guys. :)
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