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Is this the end?? Please help!

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My betta, Martin, has been sick for a couple months now and the things I've tried havent worked and his condition seems to be getting steadily worse these past few days. Initially it was suggested that it might be constipation because he had bad bloating. However after switching to a better quality food, fasting, and then cutting back on the amount I gave him, he's steadily gotten worse. Tonight I noticed he's getting that "pinecone" effect and his stomach is still huge and his fins are dark in places and I think he may have a fungus or something growing on his scales now. I'm on my second day of betta revive but I don't have much hope as he's gotten so bad (he had a fungus in the past which he recovered from but hasn't been quite as strong since). I guess my question is, does anyone think there's a chance of him pulling through? If so, any ideas for helping him? And if there's not really a chance, what should I do? Do you think he's suffering? He still eats and is hungry and interacts with me when I come over. Please help, he's my friend! :(
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How old is your Betta? Betta's live, supposedly, to about 2-3 years in captivity and from the sound of it you guys have been together long enough to bond.
I've had him close to 7 months at this point
Can you post some photos? I'd like to see one side-view, and one from overhead (looking down on him from the top of the tank).

Also, can you fill out the form below so that we have more information? Answer what you can, and leave anything else blank.

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