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I've got a real picky eater here...

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Ok, my fish likes the pellets one day, then not at all the next. Sometimes he goes after the flakes like a killer and then other days he turns his nose up. Blood worms are distasteful to him.

Because he doesn't always eat, I have an ammonia problem. I'm removing water almost daily and its still registering on the test strips.

I am not over feeding ... except that I am because he's not eating. He knows I"m going to feed him (twice a day) when I unplug the filter. He comes to the hole in his lid and waits. He seems very curious in the food, but doesn't want to eat it.

I saw one post on here about a person whose fish will only eat it if he puts in one flake at a time. That worked at first.

I guess he'll eat when he's hungry and in the meantime I'll try to get the uneaten food out of the tank.

Currently trying:
Topfin color enhancing betta bits
Omega One betta buffet flakes
Aqueon betta treat (blood worms)

What do you feel a finicky fish?
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Hi, I am not experienced at all with betta fish I'm a new owner but I've done lots of research on betta fish. My fish is very picky as well, so far he will only eat brine shrimp. He will begin to eat pellets but then spit them out and same thing with blood worms he's not a huge fan as of right now.

Try: pellets, flakes, frozen blood worms(he might like them better than dried ones), and frozen brine shrimp. There are other options of frozen food if they eat more and prefer fresher foods. I usually find my frozen foods at petsmart.
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