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I've got a real picky eater here...

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Ok, my fish likes the pellets one day, then not at all the next. Sometimes he goes after the flakes like a killer and then other days he turns his nose up. Blood worms are distasteful to him.

Because he doesn't always eat, I have an ammonia problem. I'm removing water almost daily and its still registering on the test strips.

I am not over feeding ... except that I am because he's not eating. He knows I"m going to feed him (twice a day) when I unplug the filter. He comes to the hole in his lid and waits. He seems very curious in the food, but doesn't want to eat it.

I saw one post on here about a person whose fish will only eat it if he puts in one flake at a time. That worked at first.

I guess he'll eat when he's hungry and in the meantime I'll try to get the uneaten food out of the tank.

Currently trying:
Topfin color enhancing betta bits
Omega One betta buffet flakes
Aqueon betta treat (blood worms)

What do you feel a finicky fish?
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Starve him for a a few days see if that works. Also try soaking the pellets so they soften a bit, a lot of bettas arent used to having a dry, hard pellet so they spit it out a few times to soften them

If that still doesnt work, try steamed eggs. I had a really fussy girl who wouldnt even eat live food... I tried steamed eggs and she loved it, was the only thing she would eat
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