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I only use 2 ltr used plastic drink bottles - I used to cut them in half, but now I'm cutting them about 2/3 so it can hold more water or I could reduce the water to avoid jumpers. (mainly for 2cm fry)

For 3cm fry I use half gallon to 1g tanks.
For 2cm giants, I use 1g tanks until they reach 3cm.
In short - it depends on the type of betta and when/what size they were moved. I would keep them together as long as possible.

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I used pint and quart canning jars when I separated my males-I collected nearly all of mine from yard sales and thrift shops usually by the case and so they didn't cost much....

I used construction paper to encircle the jars so that they couldn't see each other-but left the front open so I could see them-I didn't attach the paper to the jars-they held in place from the other jars resting on them-this was to make cleaning easier

I liked using glass because they seemed to be stable or not easily knocked over, easy to clean and seemed to hold temp better since I live in a cold region-
I like the plastic bottle idea that Indjo uses and you could attach them to each other to float in a heated tank if needed-especially if your area is really cold

I never did anything special to maintain temp even in the cooler months-but I did keep them in my china hutch with glass doors and this seemed to help keep water temp fairly stable in the 70-75F range-average being 72F more or less and all my juvies did fine with that temp....
IME-once the males are in the 2-3 months range and healthy to start they tolerated these temps without issue and I didn't have any growth/development problems and fins grew out nicely in the pint and quart canning jars-bare bottom-leaving 1-2inch head space-adding a sprig of naja grass and a single water lettuce plant-

I had a water changing system to change water daily on pint jars and every other day on quart jars-by using 3-5 gallon buckets....
IMO/E-water changes are one of the most important aspects to get good body and fin growth on the males along with good nutrition of one point I had over 80 jars and it became too much work so I changed goals and started doing this different......

And as Indjo posted-you want to keep them together as long as possible-its normal to see play fights and as long as they are not causing bad injuries to the point the fish are getting tore all to pieces and stressed...let them play and stay together because once you separate them-especially when you have lots of can become a lot of and rewarding...but time consuming.....
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