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Java Fern

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I accidentally added too much fertilizer(API Plant Food, liquid). Will it harm my java ferns? I have 4, 2 babies that sprouted from the leaves, one that has no leaves, but its rhinozome, and one that has two leaves. It turned the tank water a light yellow. It is a medium kritter keeper(a 3.2 gallon). And i plan to add a few anacharis or elodea, amazon swords, a moss ball, and a diy sponge filter. So, will it harm my fish or plants, can the yellow go away(i changed 50 percent of the water.
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Unless you poured the whole bottle in, it should be fine. The real risk is an algae bloom from the extra nutrients. It really shouldn't change your tank water color, so I'd probably do another 50% change when you can. But I wouldn't worry about it.
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