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Hiya ! Just came back from our crap overpriced LFS . Lol . :roll:

Ponyo hit his back on the siphon and so I went to the local fish store to grab some mess and a water testing kit . Turns out their kit is 50$ !!! Heck no . So I ended up just grabbing ph and ammonia because the guy said that is all I would need . I also grabbed stress coat because I heard that's good for regrowth . The guy also tried to sell me Melafix ? I've never heard of it so I turned it down and he said that the stress coat would be enough . I also got a free little four pack of tester strips .

I wanted to know when you test the water ? I want to do it today but I did water changes yesterday so I'm not sure if that effects the results . In other words when should I check water parameters to get proper results ? Or does it not matter when ? :-?

By the way , I reply quite fast and check the forum often . So if anyone ever needs help or wants to tell me somthing I'm here ! :-D
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