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Just got my betta and.....

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I just got my double tail betta a few days ago at my boyfriends house. I brought him to my house and put him in the same tank where he's been perfectly content, now he's acting irritated and flaring his gills at everything in the tank! What can I do to calm him down? Thank you for any advice.
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Hes probably just got new tank syndrome, or has found his reflection. My first fish would flare at his reflection for weeks.
ya, i mean my boy CinKo used to do that, i took out all of the plants and accesorises and slowley added them back in. ;-)
Where is the tank located? If it's not up against a wall or solid surface, the open-ness might be freaking him out so he acts as if he needs to be tough. That's what happened with Ludendorff for like a month, I got him a large spindling silk plant and added extra indian almond leaves for shade (because the only place his tank fits is in my kitchen window) and now he's fine.

Could also be his reflection. Get him some more plants and maybe a cave (mug or flower pot).
U could get him a java moss ball, apparently bettas love them.
Thank you

Thank you all who replied I really appreciate the help. Hes calmed down some. I think it was just the stress of being in the car for a long time then having to adapt to a new scene. But I will put more plants in his tank and maybe a house. Hes beside my bed
it must've been stress and defence :I
Bettalover1507- it had to of been cause he's pretty content now. But I'm definitely putting more plants (silk) in his tank. He likes the plastic plant I have in there but I don't know if ita causing harm to him. The leaves are rounded
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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