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I have a 30galon tank. (Rough estimate)
It's a custom build that was meant for a headboard that I ended up with and have repurposed it somewhat.
The hard part about this tank is it is only 4" deep. The tank is 74" long and 18" tall.
Right now I have it planted with a few aponogeton and some corkscrew grass plant (Sorry I don't remember the name) on black sand. I have two air powered sponge/chromic biofilter filters.

Stocking so far is 10 tiger bards. I want to add either a rubber lip pleco or a school of otocinclus catfish. (Idk if 4"deep would be big enough for the pleco).
I'm also debating on adding a school of zebra danios or cherry bards. Also considered a centerpiece fish such as Bolivian ram but again idk.

What is your opinion and thoughts?

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