Hello! My mahachaiensis are getting to the point where they need to be separated out. I am able to to do local pickup or drop off, just let me know what works for you. I may be able to meet you half way if you’re further away, please talk to me and see if we can make something work out. Unfortunately, I am unable to ship fish for now.

I mostly have males at the moment (highest priority) but I have females too, just can’t 100% guarantee they’re female due to their age.

Edit: These are a wild betta species who are in the splendens complex. A single male should be kept in 5 gallons minimum, with low light (floating plants can help with this), plants, dark substrate, a lid on the tank in the event of jumping, and preferably leaf litter to hide in and hunt microorganisms. These fish can also be kept in pairs in 10-15 gallons (and with hiding places), though you should watch for signs of stress in the female, excessive chasing, and similar worrying behaviors.

As for parameters, these fish are pretty forgiving. In their natural habitat, they inhabit brackish to saltwater, though in a home aquarium this is not necessary and they do great in freshwater. I do add a pinch of aquarium salt to my mahachaiensis tanks for good measure though.

pH: ~6.5-8
Temp: mid 70s to low 80s
They aren’t picky about parameters; if you kept your water clean and consistent, they’ll be happy.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

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