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I found him in a dismal petsmart cup on March 19th 2011, he was hard to miss; the cup was filled by a bubble nest and he was under it, easily twice the size of the little bettas barely old enough to have been removed from the grow out tank. Although pale, his markings and blue eyes told me he'd brighten up to a magificent orange dalamtian vt. My mom and sister though me insane, the blue water certainlly washed his colors out enough where he appeared down right ugly... I don't know why, but I had to have him. He was one of those bettas that you'd see and not be able to set down. The sort you'd regret leaving. The kind that'd wiggle their way to your heart. Having been forced to leave others, I wasn't about to leave him. So he came home and floated in a 10 gallon, previously meant for one fish, but quickly divided to make room. I figured if my heart could make room for him, then the rest of the household and pets could as well.

He colored up incredibly, and soon became a little monster- ready to attack my fingers as soon as to eat what I fed him. As such, I named him Kaimar, a twist on the greek creature callled the chaimara. As fierce as he was, he was a sweetie, always swiming to the front of the tank to dance for me upon seeing me. Fierce, sweet... strong. He was hardy, as if illness couldn't touch him... I guess I started to actually believe he would be healthy forever...

Unfortunately, it was only two days ago that he started to pale, which concerned me. He hadn't been that pale since the day I saw him. Then I noticed his fins a few hours later. Melted is the best way to describe them, with rays hanging out. I fought for and with him, hoping for his recovery. But, whatever it was pulled him under quickly. There was no time for different attempts to heal him, no time for him to recover. He passed on to the Rainbow Bridge today, May 22nd 2012.

Goodbye Kaimar, heart-betta, my favorite little monster... I wish the illness didn't take you from me so soon, we barely had a year together. You deserve everything wonderful the stream under the bridge has to offer... a natural environment, a few lady bettas, all the bloodworms your little heart desires. Enjoy your time there, don't look back. I'll miss you... Rest in peace.

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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Kaimar :-(
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