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Kaosu (female marble HMPK) x Sekihan (male HMPK)

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My little lady Kaosu is from a breeder in Thailand, I have had her since March. She was my second fancy betta. Her mate, Sekihan was imported to the States and I bought him off a guy on ebay, he was my first fancy betta. I had 4 wild bettas before that, but have sold all but one and the last one isn't looking too healthy despite my best efforts to keep him alive, so the fancy bettas are taking over.

I have spawned these two once before, with great initial success. It was practically text book how it went, a little nipping and chasing, but Seki bubble nested, they embraced, and he tended his eggs perfectly. Especially considering it was the first time for both of them. However, 3 weeks later, all the fry died due to a fungal outbreak and me not realizing what was going on until it was too late. Totally my fault. I tried feeding them freeze dried baby brine shrimp, and it is my suspicion that it didn't get eaten and caused the fungus. I know better now. I have the baby brine shrimp eggs, have hatched a few practice cultures, and I also have vinegar eels and fairy shrimp eggs for when they get a bit larger.

All that aside, I did try to breed them again 2 weeks ago, but I do not think that either of them were ready to try again. So I have been conditioning them for almost a month now. I have Seki in a separate tank next to Kaosu, with a cardboard divider to keep them out of the line of sight most of the day, but I do let them have flirting time for an hour each day. I also have a male in the same tank behind a mostly covered divider with Kaosu to keep her hormones racing. She is getting mighty fat and full of eggs. As soon as my in-laws and family are gone after visiting for my hubby's graduation, I am going to my couple try again. If it doesn't work this third time, I am going to condition Kaosu to spawn with my CT male Spike to try and get some comb tails.

Attached are pics of Sekihan, the red marble male and Kaosu, the orange, white, navy blue marble female. I expect some very interesting babies from this paring if I can manage not to lose them all this time!
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Hope it works out for you this time.

It'd be interesting if you end up with some Koi bettas.
Thanks! Kay is almost a koi if not for her navy blue, so it could be possible. I predict a lot of cello and solids/slight marble, but I could be wrong.
I have seen some Koi with blue markings. There's a strain called Dragon Koi if I'm not mistaken. They look like Koi but have partial dragon markings.
Cool. I just hope to have healthy fry! I am gun shy from last time. Lol
I can understand it. I'm nervous about my pair too since I'm new to breeding bettas. Hoping their fry turn out healthy too and that their Dad doesn't pull the plug.
Beautiful pair! Should be neat! Subbing!
here is my breeding tank set up, 8 gallon sterilite tub with adjustable heater and double sponge filter, added artificial plants and some home made betta tubes. Kay is in there in a glass mason jar, and Seki is busy flaring at her and swimming over to the half cup and back, but no bubble nest yet. Last time they spawned successfully he had a large nest going before they embraced. So I am going to wait for the nest before I allow Kay to swim free in the tank. Hopefully it will only take a day or two more. Seki is violent so I don't want to risk Kay any more bodily harm than necessary if Seki isn't ready for her yet.
Wow, your set up reminds me of mine. I use an 8 gallon sterilite container too.

Hope it works out.
Thanks! You too
You're welcome... great.

Oh, noticed the water in my tank was at 80 degrees yesterday, now it's dropped down to the mid 70s. If that'll be a problem for the eggs and fry I know of a place where I can grab a heater.

Found this video on YouTube, Animal Planet needs to do a Too Cute episode with bettas. They're so adorable when they're young.
definitely need to get a heater, fry are very sensitive to temp changes, and some breeders recommend keeping the tank between 80-82. I think 78-80 is good, but the lower the temp the slower the fry grow. Keeping the temp constant, no matter what temp you choose, will reduce stress and loss of fry.

awwww, cute vid

I grabbed one while I was out.

Yeah, that is an adorable video. Whoever said cute is for puppies knew exactly what they were talking about.
He is starting to bubble nest! I'll try to get a vid of me releasing her from her jar today. That is the hardest part for me because I don't like to see my girl get hurt but I know it is part of the process
I'm the same way. First time I put my bettas together I was so nervous when he snapped at her.

It's one of those moments where you sit on the edge of your seat.

What brand heater are you using and what's the wattage?
it's a Eheim Jager Water Heater 25W adjustable heater. It says for up to 7 gallons, but it can comfortably handle 10 gallons.

The first time I spawned these two I literally watched my guy bite a chunk off my little girl's tail fin and eat it, I was like *squint*:squint: what is he doing? *OMG* did he just eat her tail fin?:blink:!!!! Sick :sick:
Thanks. I guess my problem was the 50 watt might've been too high. I'll try the 25.

Wow... can't believe he did that. That's beyond tough love.
I just released Kay into the main part of the tank, and I can't get any video because I have to be at a stupid after hours event for a networking group I am in. Work was a total drain today, and I am not in the mood to go. I just want to stay home and take care of my fishies :(
Sorry about that. It'd be something if you came home to find eggs in the tank.
I'm hoping! Part of me is debating whether not if there aren't any if I should put her back in a mason jar to give her a break or leave her in the tank overnight. Like I said my boy is a little aggressive! And he gets super possessive over his bubble nest lol
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