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keeping of conditioned water........

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Hey guys and gals, I had some questions about keeping of conditioned water. Figured I would start a thread in case anyone had some good info to share and to make the topic easier to search. I got my mom into keeping bettas and found her two really nice males. I set hey up with 2, 1 gal tanks with under gravel filtration and some live plants. I want to provide her with pre aged and conditioned water to do her water changes with and wasn't sure what kind of shelf life pre- mixed water has. I use Tetra Aqua safe and treat 5 gallons at a time. I also have other water conditioners such as betta fix, maroxy, and salts. Should these be mixed as needed only? Or can I provider her with pre mixed? Thanks
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Basically, your water isn't going to get unconditioned. It won't hurt to leave the water out for however long, though I would suggest keeping it somewhere where dust etc can't get into it. The only disadvantage to it, of course, is that the water will be room temperature when she gets to use it, instead of the nice toasty tank temperature that you can get from the tap.

Bettafix, Maroxy and salts are not water conditioners but treatments for sickness and should only be added when the fish has the specific disease that they are supposed to treat. Remember not to treat without knowing what the disease is - many illnesses can be cured with just clean, warm water. :)
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