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keeping of conditioned water........

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Hey guys and gals, I had some questions about keeping of conditioned water. Figured I would start a thread in case anyone had some good info to share and to make the topic easier to search. I got my mom into keeping bettas and found her two really nice males. I set hey up with 2, 1 gal tanks with under gravel filtration and some live plants. I want to provide her with pre aged and conditioned water to do her water changes with and wasn't sure what kind of shelf life pre- mixed water has. I use Tetra Aqua safe and treat 5 gallons at a time. I also have other water conditioners such as betta fix, maroxy, and salts. Should these be mixed as needed only? Or can I provider her with pre mixed? Thanks
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Ok, kinda figured on the medicines. She doesn't need them I was just making general inquiry. I plan on pre mixing her a 5 gal bucket of aqua safe, with a lid, and that should last her a little while. I was just worried about issues keeping it. Thanks again
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