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I'm looking into some fish that I could add to my 6 gallon once it's cycled and planted (by planted I mean a jungle). If that's not big enough I also have a 15 gallon tub inhabited by a small group of platies, but I'd prefer to use the 6 gallon. So I'm wondering, how about some killifish?

Does anyone keep them? I'd love some advice on where to start, they're such beautiful fish. I'd have to order from ebay, I'd prefer to buy an adult pair but there are so many more options for buying eggs - I'm not sure if I'd be able to raise them, however.

Here's a few nice pairs that I've found:
Fundulopanchax Gardneri
Fundulopanchax Nigerianus
Aphyosemion Bivittatum
Aphyosemion Australe
Nothobranchius Rachovii

I like to know what I'm buying so I'll probably ask the sellers to send me actual photos of the pairs if I do decide to buy one. I'm too picky. The first species from the above list are my favourite so I'd love to get those if possible!

I can't find much information online regarding keeping these fish which is why I came here for advice, since you guys are always so helpful. I'm not too interested in breeding, but if the fish do breed that's fine. I have no idea what they would do with the eggs if they remained in the tank... Do they eat the fry? I feel awful when my platy fry get eaten, I think it would be the same with these if they bred haha.

Anyway, the main questions are:
• Is a 6 gallon enough for a pair?
• Should it be heavily planted? If yes, do they have any preferences as to what plants there are? Or do they prefer open waters?
• What do they eat? Frozen foods? Flakes? Pellets?
• Heater and filter: yay or nay?
• What water parameters do they prefer? My water is naturally quite soft and the pH sits at about 6, but I have the option to raise it with aragonite sand.
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