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Kritter Keeper Tanks

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So, I have a lovely 5 gallon tank that I adore, but I think I prefer Mace's Kritter Keeper. I don't know why, but something about it just looks better to me. Well, maybe not looks better, but...something about it is more aesthetically pleasing. I now have my second Kritter Keeper (not sure if it's permanent or not yet), and again...I really like it. In response to a lot of BS on Tumblr, someone more or less on my side of the debate used the hashtag "I do think Kritter Keepers are tacky though," and I just...don't agree. I think they're cute, for lack of a better word.

Anyway, on to the point of this thread. Who here houses their fish (betta or no) in a Kritter Keeper? I'd really like to see pics of other KK homes. c:
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I use KKs because they're cheap and light.

I don't think they're especially tacky looking (maybe the lids because of the color) but they're definitely not as 'pretty' as say a Fluval tank is. But the cost is on point and I like that they come with lids so I don't have to rig one myself.
I have my baby betta (Baby Banana until I know its gender :-D it's yellow) in a kritter keeper right now. Perfect home for a little guy/gal that needs daily water changes. I really like the lids, and the little door on top. Super light and durable! I'll upgrade to a 5 gal once Banana is a little bigger and heartier, but for now its the perfect home!
i dont have one now, but I have had one before, they work great! and i like how the plastic is all the way clear, so you can see your beautiful fishy swim around lol.
I have my female(Lady Iris) a kritter keeper. She has been in it for 7 months now. I tried to move her to a 5 gallon but she displayed stress lines for 2 days. I returned her back to the kritter keeper, stress lines disappeared in 5 mintues. I like the fact that is budget friendly, can be heated, and cycled. And my baby loves it:)
I don't use a Kritter Keeper now, but I have one as my travel/hospital tank and I've used them in the past.

They are quite functional, but they do have one major issue: because the top is a plastic "mesh", water evaporates out of them at a fairly high rate. This is actually a twofold problem; in addition to losing water from your tank, the air above the water (where your fish breathe) may not be nice and humid, which is what your fish need. If you live in a very humid climate, this may be okay, but now that winter is coming (to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway), people are running their furnaces and drying out the air in their homes.

I'm not saying don't get a Kritter Keeper, just that thesis something to be aware of.
I have my new guy in the large KK. However I don't like the lids since they are slotted. I'm afraid of the dog hair and dust getting in there. So to keep that out and keep the humidity in, I put plastic wrap over the lid or under it. Though I wish they would sell some kind of lighted lid for them.
The slotted lid is the only thing keeping me from buying one of the big ones...Would probably be pretty easy to go to Home Depot/Lowe's and purchase a piece of plexiglass to fit/cuttofit on the top. That thought has crossed my mind as well...
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