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Le Fish Swag - Healthy looking or NO?!

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Wondering if the office fish, named Swag, looks healthy or not!? The girl who bought him left for Ecuador and I am in charge of him now...I know nothing of fish. This has been a great and informative site. Does he look healthy?

ALSO-- I added those little jewels to his tank and he seems to see his reflection more and get angry at it. Is that bad? Also also--he loves the warmer water I changed for him!! I am going to buy a little heater for him hopefully. I have no idea how big the tank is, though.


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There is a metal rod in the betta hammock! U need to take it out from the hole underneath it, u can make it prodtrude from the hole and pull it out with plires. He looks nice :)
Sorry i dont think i explained myself properly.
What i meant by prodtruding wasnt the metal itself. I meant the little hole underneath the leaf, if u push the leaf properly u can get the rod out of the hole and yank it out. That way u dont need silicone. (This is only from my experiance).
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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