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Light For My Planted Tank Question

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That looks to be a 5000k bulb and while that is within the color temp, however, for a 45g tank you are going to need 2 tubes to get best plant growth and that second tube needs to be in the 6500k range and at least 20 watts with 40 watts being better......and that would help on really low light plant species....mod light plants may not do well-this also would depend on how deep the tank might have light penetration issues...

I like to use "daylight" 6500k 20-40w tubes on my NPT's-depending on the tank I may use 1-4 tubes on a 12h/photoperiod....

I don't buy aquarium bulbs-I get my bulbs in the lighting department....cheaper since you also need to change them out every 12 months due to the intensity being lost over time...its also a good idea to change the starter if the light strip uses one.....
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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