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light for tank question

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I have a tank like this one except 5 gal. what kind of light would i need if i wanted to put live plants in in? it says it only can take a 15 watt? sorry really new to all this.
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Go for the smallest wattage "Daylight" bulb that you can find. if it is a screw in bulb, go for the 10W spiral bulb.

The color temperature you want is 6500K (6500 Kelvin) which is ideal, but anything between 5000-7000K will work.

I have two 10W GE 6500K Daylight bulbs in my 10 gallon, they work great even though the hood came with the longer tubular style bulbs.

If your tank dosen't use screw in bulbs, you'll have to look around for an equivalent that will work in your fixture. Key though is the color temperature that I mentioned above.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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